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Extended Family

Little things in life are very important.             With the first beetle I made – a one metre long minotaur dung beetle (Typhaeus typhoeus), mounted on a safety helmet to be worn on my head – I aimed to draw attention to this fact.

The menagerie is constantly expanding but currently  includes:

THE INSECTS: four giant sized beneficial beetles; smaller models of seven species of ladybirds native to the UK; giant pollinating honeybee complete with giant apple blossom flower; numerous honeybees (workers,drone,queen); two bumblebee queens; red mason bee;hoverfly; wasp; small tortoiseshell butterfly; hawthorn beetle;stag beetle. 

THE BIRDS: Blackbird;Songthrush; Bluetit; Yellowhammer

THE MAMMALS: Hedgehog;Woodmouse; Fox; Greater Horseshoe Bat

As time goes by I become more  fascinated by the world of nature and increasingly aware of the interdependence of all living creatures.

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