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The Wildlife Roleplay Book

Wildlife Roleplay is a fun way for children and adults alike to learn about the wild creatures which share our earth.

The roleplay scripts invite you to interview a beetle or a pollinator, visit the Honeybee Job Centre, find out why the Hawthorn tree has won an award for its services to wildlife. Put yourself in the shoes of a dung beetle or a honeybee and realise the problems they face because of human activity, pesticide use and habitat loss. Learn how we can help them and realise that their existence is vital to our own survival because all living things are interconnected.

The photo illustrations feature the author’s own hand-made puppets and head dresses, a menagerie of insects, birds and mammals built up alongside the scripts, which have made appearances and friends at schools, open days, wildlife fairs, society meetings and festivals far and wide.

This book is a valuable resource for anyone involved in wildlife education at any level.

It offers an innovative approach which has been well tried and tested and won a lot of support. Once you are hooked, follow the ideas for writing and making your own resources. 

by Jenny Ogden

Published by YouCaxton 2017

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Jenny Ogden
3 Harpers Lane

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