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Let's Hear it for Hawthorn

Participants in Hawthorn project

A Wildlife Web Award is awarded to the Hawthorn for its services to wildlife. During the role-play Award ceremony we hear from members of the wildlife community who have voted for Hawthorn and why they have done so.

Since its launch in primary schools in 2014, part funded by the Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership Fund, the Hawthorn Hedge menagerie has been widely travelled and made appearances at two National Sustainable Schools Conferences, at days out for Wildlife Trusts and Fairs in Shropshire, Gwent, Herefordshire, Somerset, Ceredigion, at the Bug Farm and Farm for City Children in Pembrokeshire, at Compton Verney summer festival and at Anglesey Woodland festival.

The Hawthorn menagerie , complete with playscript and interview scripts, is still available for outings in 2021.

Please get in touch to discuss if you are interested.

Meet the Hedge

Participants in Hawthorn project 2

The handmade  collection of headgear/handpuppets represent a wildlife web based around a Hawthorn tree, to include insects (some of which are pollinators), birds and mammals.

So far the following species are featured: Lappet moth caterpillar; Hawthorn shieldbug; Seven spot ladybird (with larva); Violet Ground Beetle; Honeybee; Buff tailed Bumblebee; Marmalade Hoverfly; Common wasp; Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly; Yellowhammer; Blackbird; Song Thrush; Bluetit;  Fox; Hedgehog; Woodmouse; Greater Horseshoe Bat; Local farmer.

The roleplay and individual interview scripts are designed to contain a wealth of factual information covering foodchains, lifecycles, habitats  and roles in the ecosystem.

See "The Gallery" for more photos of the project in operation and photos 

MEET THE HEDGE is an attraction to involve the whole family and has made appearances at Open Days, Festivals and Wildlife Trust events in Shropshire, Herefordshire, Gwent, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Somerset.

Bluetit headdress

Fox headdress

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